Joel Aronson, Founder and Managing Partner, CPA

Joel has been in public accounting since 1968 and established the firm in 1983.  With a strong background in federal and state income taxes, Joel assists clients in reducing their tax liability, within the confines of the Internal Revenue code and Regulations.

With practical experience operating several businesses, other than his accounting practice, Joel has a vast experience with the various non accounting issues confronting todays business community.  He has a large network of clients and other non accounting professionals including bankers, lawyers, insurance agents, realtors and appraisers to draw on their experience and  expertise to provide clients with non accounting support.

Joel graduated Loyola University in 1968 with a degree in Accounting.
Michael Tomasino

Mike is a practicing accountant and handles most of the day to day accounting needs of our clientele.  Mike has a strong background in (Quickbooks) and multiple state payroll and sales tax reporting.  

Mike is responsibilte for client tax compliance matters.  Timely filing of tax forms, and payments will assure that you will not receive those nasty penalty notices for the IRS.